Oh, Lorenzo, a name that sings. He is handsome, smart, gentle, and kind. He is the man over the men I have ever met. He is an angel fallen from Heaven. His love posses thy body with joy and youth. I was born to be with him, and my life has no meaning if he is not there. But I am a Jew and he is not. I won’t ever be with him as I am right now. But How can I leave my poor father behind, who lives by the hate to the kinds like my love. Where to doth my loyalty lie. Hither, with my faith and father, or Lorenzo and his love. Even though I can never repay the love that he, my dear father, has given to me, I leave him behind to seek my love. I leave behind the life that I once lived, and become a christian that my love is. For I will never be with him as I am, I have no choice but to leave my life and my one and only father behind.

4 thoughts on “Jessica

  1. My dear Jessica are thou ready for tonight? For everything is going to plan thus far. Your father is to be at the party tonight and Graziano and
    Salanio have agreed to help me with your rescue. T’is a wonderful plan, but there is one small thing. You my dear, must be the torch bearer.

    My my love always be with you.


    • Thank God Lorenzo my dear.
      Thou must really be an angel from heaven, to be blessed with friends, of such accountability.
      The news of our plan going well brings such joy and excitement to my heart.
      I can’t wait to see thee tonight.
      Do not worry about the torch, for if it is a journey with thee, I could hold that torch until the moment the last breath leaves my body.
      Even when the fire and my body dies, my heart will always belong to thee.

      I will be waiting for you my love.


  2. An agreed upon date I wilt surely appear! Fret not, for soon thou wilt be off an away, Lorenzo at thy side, and thy shalt possess all the love that thou wilt ever need!

    • Why thank you Mr.Graziano. Your sweet words of encouragement bring me such relief. I’ve heard much of you from Lorenzo, he grants upon you much praise. I give you my best wishes, for you have been a great counselor and friend to my dear beloved. I can now wait in peace, for I’ve heard your promise. You truly are a kind and trustworthy friend, as he’s said. When Lorenzo and I live in a place where our love is not disrupted, your aid will forever be praised. Please take care of my dear love, Lorenzo. If tonight’s plan is to fail, please take care of my love for me.

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