Becoming a Christian

Oh Lord oh Lord, my savior and counselor. Let there only be praises before you. Today I promise to lay my life before your feet and live my life as a Christian. Thank you for saving me from my father who thought he owned me. Thank you for allowing me to leave my clan who was forcing me upon their thoughts and ideals. Thank you for giving me a man to love. For you have saved me, I was but a caged bird, I shall repay my freedom and love with my life. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.

After the Escape

Tonight, I finally made my escape from that jewish prison, with my love Lorenzo. I couldn’t be a torchbearer, but he understood why I couldn’t. Lorenzo really is a kind hearted person. Greatly appreciated that I thought ahead, and brought several hundred ducats with me. I’m sure that tonight’s escape will be the turning point of my life. My life will change forever and in much better way. I shall become a Christian and Lorenzo’s wife to live happily ever after. I’ll never forget what happened today.


Oh, Lorenzo, a name that sings. He is handsome, smart, gentle, and kind. He is the man over the men I have ever met. He is an angel fallen from Heaven. His love posses thy body with joy and youth. I was born to be with him, and my life has no meaning if he is not there. But I am a Jew and he is not. I won’t ever be with him as I am right now. But How can I leave my poor father behind, who lives by the hate to the kinds like my love. Where to doth my loyalty lie. Hither, with my faith and father, or Lorenzo and his love. Even though I can never repay the love that he, my dear father, has given to me, I leave him behind to seek my love. I leave behind the life that I once lived, and become a christian that my love is. For I will never be with him as I am, I have no choice but to leave my life and my one and only father behind.